Let's get to the heart of the matter...

Linda Rose, Solana Beach Therapist

Therapist in San Diego – providing lasting change
for you, your child or your family

The heart of the matter
is that relationships are central to our lives.  We all know that healthy relationships can bring us the greatest joy, and unhealthy relationships can cause the deepest pain. Pain often shows up in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, addictions, and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Most painful of all is when you find yourself repeating old negative patterns and not knowing how to stop.

I’m Dr. Linda Rose and I want to work with you
to get to the heart of your matter.


Therapy for Parents:

Worried about your child or teen?

I can help you…

  • Create positive interactions with your child or teen
  • Alleviate your worries and fears
  • Teach your child how to better communicate
  • Improve your child or teen’s social relationships with peers
  • Ensure your child or teen is developing normally
  • Guide your child or teenager towards becoming a more confident and self-aware person


Therapy for Couples:

Is your relationship in trouble?

I can help you…

  • Heal the pain between you
  • Communicate so you both get your needs met
  • Resolve conflict with love
  • Deepen your connection to each other
  • Reignite your passion for each other
  • Save your relationship and feel optimistic about your future


Therapy for Individuals:

Are you struggling in your life or relationship?

I can help you…

  • Overcome depression or anxiety
  • Heal the pain of a relationship loss
  • Create healthy relationship patterns
  • Resolve LGBT identity concerns & get support through transitioning
  • Heal an eating disorder
  • Recover from addictions
  • Set boundaries and support an addicted family member
  • Improve feelings of self- worth



If you’re ready to create real and lasting change, I would love to speak with you about what is troubling you right now.


therapist for families and children

As a Child, Teen & Parent Therapist:

I am passionate about helping children develop in the most positive environment possible.  A large part of my career has involved working in public schools with gifted youth, at risk youth, teachers, and administrators.

I continue to have a steadfast commitment to children and their parents. I use play, sand, and art therapy techniques with younger children and other respected therapy techniques with older children and adults to help them solve their problems.

If you’re looking for a therapist in the San Diego area and are ready to create real and lasting change, please contact me here.


therapist for couples

As a Couples Therapist:

I am trained in the increasingly popular Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. Through this model, I help couples develop stronger attachments to each other while also encouraging them to develop their separateness from each other.

The Developmental Model incorporates the latest research in neuroscience to help couples develop the skills to have healthy, lasting relationships. I will help you develop a relationship where you both feel “seen” and loved.

For both same-sex and opposite sex couples, I provide a safe environment for each person to give voice to their relationship challenges. This allows for the kind of constructive dialog that resolves impasses and deepens mutual understanding and compassion.

If you’re looking for a therapist in the San Diego area and are ready to create real and lasting change, please contact me here.


therapist for individuals

As a Therapist for Individual Adults:

Over the past 2 decades, I’ve helped individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions, LGBT issues, eating disorders, and a myriad of relationship problems. I love seeing people get to the heart of their matters to grow and experience happiness. Single or in a relationship, I am committed to helping you develop a more fulfilling and happier life.

If you’re looking for a therapist in the San Diego area and are ready to create real and lasting change, please contact me here.


My office is centrally located in Solana Beach, very near the Via de la Valle exit from I-5, midway between downtown San Diego and Carlsbad.